Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What Relevant Technologies?

Relational DBMS is the modern base technology for many business applications. It offers flexibility and easy-to-use tools at the expense of ultimate performance. More recently relational systems have started to extend their facilities in the directions of information retrieval, object-orientation and deductive/active systems leading to the so-called 'Extended Relational Systems'.

Information Retrieval Systems started with handling library catalogues and extended to full free-text utilising inverted index technology with a lexicon or thesaurus. Modern systems utilise some KBS (knowledge-based systems) techniques to improve retrieval.

Object-Oriented DBMS started for engineering applications where objects are complex, have versions and need to be treated as a complete entity. OODBMSs share many of the OOPL features such as identity, inheritance, late binding, overloading and overriding. OODBMSs have found favour in engineering and office systems but have not yet been successful in traditional application areas.

Deductive / Active DBMS have emerged over the last 20 years and combine logic programming technology with database technology. This allows the database itself to react to external events an to maintain dynamically its integrity with respect to the real world.

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